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Expand your company and experience the future of business and innovation.

"Access Abu Dhabi is all about IN‑powerment. This means empowering women and minority founders with more access to ownership, decision-making authority, and most importantly, investment as they scale internationally.”

Founder and Managing Partner

“Supporting women and minority businesses in their global expansion to Abu Dhabi is a tribute to my Lebanese entrepreneurial mother who laid the groundwork for my success.”

Kevin O'Leary
Access Abu Dhabi Ambassador
The Opportunity

A premier global destination

Abu Dhabi possesses advanced infrastructure, a diverse and stable economy, hyper connectivity, a superlative talent pool, world-class lifestyle and lucrative business opportunities.

The Program

Unlimited opportunity, exponential value

Kevin O'Leary is spearheading an initiative providing companies,
particularly minority and women-owned entities, guidance and access
to Abu Dhabi’s thriving business and innovation ecosystem.

The Advisors

Connection to world-class expertise

A dedicated advisory board led by Kevin O’Leary is standing by to provide you with unparalleled guidance to Abu Dhabi.

The Lifestyle

Prime destination

Imagine growing your business in a cosmopolitan city teeming with rich culture, world-class art, unforgettable natural landscapes and a blossoming entertainment scene.

Expand with confidence

Are you a forward-thinking, dynamic and innovative business ready to discover new opportunities in the Middle East? You’re in the right place.

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Abu Dhabi through a different lens

Interesting facts you may not know about the UAE’s diverse capital.

(Women's Economic Empowerment Global Summit)
(Numbeo Safety Index by City 2020)
(World Bank Ease of Doing Business Study, 2020)
(Official Portal of the UAE Government)
(UN Cities Happiness Index, 2020)
(Women's Economic Empowerment Global Summit)